Mental Health Professionals:
As a Professional Life Coach, you can easily earn $124,800/yr, working 25 hrs a week, doing something you love

Mandy Bass That is what I did by applying the principles offered here

Hi my name is Mandy Bass and I would like to introduce you to personal coaching, share my experience, and perhaps help you build your own successful coaching practice.   

When I started my coaching business, Priority Living Systems, in 1996, I could not have imagined how quickly the industry would grow. 

People like you who decide to become a life coach, executive coach or business coach, generally do so because you can:

  • Work in the comfort of your own home
  • Earn $100 - $500 per hour 
  • Work with people you love
  • Be your own boss
  • Feel great about what you do
  • Make a measurable difference in people’s lives
  • Set your own schedule
  • Quit by 10am and still make $6k/m

You may be wondering why "getting coaching" is becoming so popular and what drives people to hire a professional coach. It is really quite simple.

Despite the fact that the business world is overflowing with opportunity, many entrepreneurs and professionals feel trapped by the increasing demands of 21st century daily life. They find themselves unfocused, under appreciated, overworked and overwhelmed. Consequently they need help. Help they will gladly pay for -- that you can provide. 

True professionals need coaching. Ask any great entrepreneur, athlete, speaker, golfer, actor, investor or trial attorney. That is how they stay on the top of their game. If they are going to work with someone who can help, why not you?

Here is how it works:

A life coach usually runs his/her business from home doing phone consultations while the business coach tends to combine in person meetings with phone sessions. 

Clients generally commit to monthly, weekly or bi-monthly sessions for a minimum of one year. If they get results, clients tend to stay with their coach indefinitely because they want to continue reaching higher levels. Having a coach who keeps them accountable and moving forward means they accomplish more in less time.

Coaching fees vary but average $100 a session. 

A lot of mental health professionals have become life coaches. They like it because unlike the medical profession, there are no insurance hassles to deal with or mandatory paperwork to fill out.  And interestingly many people find coaching MORE personally rewarding than counseling. 

Personally I cannot imagine a more satisfying career. Over the past eight years I have helped thousands of people break through their current income ceilings and reduce their work hours. More importantly, clients say that they are enjoying better relationships, and feel happier and healthier than ever before.

With the right tools, you too can lead people out of the labyrinth of unmet expectations and compromised schedules to the path of fulfillment and high achievement. It is a win-win because ultimately you both gain more control, more time, more money and more joy from your careers.

When I first began this work, with the exception of the big name seminar leaders, there were very few successful life coaches around. I had worked with a number of business coaches who were very specialized and while I learned a lot, I did not want to model my practice after theirs. My interest was in using a more holistic approach that combined all facets of life and business -- consequently I positioned myself as a "Success Coach." 

Because there was no business model for me to follow, I naturally made a lot of mistakes, wasted about two years and tens of thousands of dollars. But eventually I built a thriving practice. Building a successful life coaching or executive coaching practice is not hard, but it doesn't happen on it's own.


Here is what most life coaching courses and coach training programs don't tell you:

While life and business coaching are becoming very popular, relatively few of us are actually earning a healthy six-figure income, part-time. Like the Pareto principle says, 20% of us are enjoying 80% of coaching fees.  

Building a successful practice is not rocket science, but there are things you need to be doing right now - and if possible-- BEFORE you enroll in a coach training academy or take a life coaching course. 

In fact the thing that first motivated me to start coaching coaches was the number of calls I got from executives coaches, business coaches and life coaches who wanted to know why I had a waiting list of clients while they only had a handful.  These people didn't come off the street -- they had graduated from one coach university or another, taken life coaching courses and numerous coach training programs. And before learning to become a coach, most enjoyed successful careers. 

Please understand, I am not knocking these life coach training programs. On the contrary, they have a lot to offer and I encourage you to get educated. 

What I am saying is that if you want to build a successful coaching practice, you need more than academics. You need practical real world experience and proven methods to build a consistent, affluent client base. Time is money. In coaching fees it translates to a minimum of $100 per hour. 

You can spend months or years figuring it out for yourself, or you can learn them from someone who has already been successful doing what you hope to do. Obviously I recommend getting expert advice from someone who has already made the mistakes you need to avoid, and who has built a prosperous coaching business from the ground up.


Where to begin

Specifically you need to have a workable plan to attract the right kinds of clients, and then you need to know how to keep them. If you have gone through my process, you already know how to position and market yourself in a way that plays to your natural strengths and attracts the right kinds of clients -- people  you enjoy working with. 

As soon as you have a clear vision of your particular practice, you can start planting the seeds that will grow your business. That type of clarity on the front end, will also help you get the most out of the coaching skills you learn, saving you time, money and a whole lot of effort.

When it comes to growing a business, nothing beats real world experience. That is why I wrote the step by step guide: “How to build a successful coaching practice” and, “How to earn a CEO’s income part-time in pajamas: an inside look at success coaching, the new career phenomena

Then I realized that without a direct way for you to contact me, much of the valuable information will go to waste.

The truth is that very few people can read and successfully apply information about how to grow their business without having questions and needing personal assistance.

Obviously my time is valuable and there is a limit as to how many emails I can answer in a single day. So for a very short-time I am offering this unheard of arrangement where you have direct access to me personally so that you can get the answers you need.

Why am I doing this?

Because there are more people who need coaching than I can possibly handle, I want to build a network of high level, successful coaches who I can eventually refer business to. That means they need to have learned and successfully applied the strategies that I use. Strategies that consistently keep my clients happy, the coaching roster full, and earn a steady stream of referrals. In the past I tried referring out to coaches who had done their coach elsewhere and in each case clients were dissatisfied with their results.

Of course there is no obligation for you to become part of my network. Neither can I guarantee at this point that there would be openings left when you are ready, or even that you would qualify. But the truth is that if you apply the principles in the success coach package, you won’t need referrals from me to make a six-figure income and build the business of your dreams.

What I do guarantee:

1. If at anytime in the next 30 days you don’t agree you got your money’s worth, you will get a full refund no questions asked.

2. I can also guarantee that I will answer any email questions you submit in five business days or less

Order the success coach package today and receive
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Bonus #1   Leading Your Heroes Out Of The Labyrinth: An Eclectic Coaching Guide To Archetypes And Their Mythical Journeys. Reg. $29.95

Bonus #2   The Seven Achievement Skills

Bonus #3   The Language of Influence: 20 Magic Words That Sell and How to Use them

Think about it, you can quit work by 10 am and still make $6K per month. Yes, you need to learn a few things and build your client base first. That is why this Success Coach package is exactly what you need now.

Special Coaching Package

1. Earn a CEO’s Income Part-time in Pajamas: An inside look at success coaching, the new career phenomena. Reg. $69

This book replicates one day in the life of a success coach, and is based on real life examples and coaching calls. You will get an inside look at the profession while learning valuable tools. The first part demonstrates methods to help clients improve personal clarity, control, focus and productivity. The second zeroes in on the aspects of growing a fruitful business. Look inside

2. How to Build a Successful coaching Practice: A practical, step-by-step guide for creating the business of your dreams

Learn exactly how to get started; what to do to position & market your practice to attract potential prospects. Then turn them into loyal lasting clients. Packed with valuable business building tools, this guide alone can make you thousands of dollars. It will take you through the process of planning and organizing your coaching practice. Reg. $89

3. Breakthrough Achievement Skills! The latest, greatest and most effective shortcuts for getting unstuck, organized and in control.

  • Belief - How your beliefs dictate your success. Learn how to identify limited beliefs and then change them!
  • Fear - Why fear is an illusion. How to transform your fears into strengths.
  • Focus - Multiply your results and profits by learning to focus. Easy methods to implement that will help you stay on course.
  • Time - Master your use of time and give yourself peace of mind.
  • Action Management - Manage your efforts joyfully and easily.
  • Emotions - You are the choice maker. Learn how to choose the emotions that support you and "flip the switch" when undesirable emotions appear.
  • Persuasion - Become a master of influence. How to be a persuasive leader in all your activities.
  • Reg. $39

4. Monthly tips to grow your business

This information alone will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars and save you thousands in costly mistakes. Exclusively for Priority Living System clients.

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The fact that you have read all this information, tells me that you are sincerely interested in what I have to offer. If you are still not sure about how you can benefit from this package, read what other people have said about my work in the column on the right.

I do hope you will take advantage now of this very generous offer because although you may not realize it yet, you will benefit from all my years of experience for less than the cost of one coaching session!  

I look forward to participating in your success!

Best Regards,

Mandy Bass 

PS. If you have not already done so. please remember to get your copy of the free report at the top of this page. It is set up so that once you input your email address, the PDF file gets sent to you automatically. (We have a strict NO SPAM policy so there is no down side.)

Mandy Bass runs Priority Living Systems in Miami Shores, Florida. She works with people who want to break through their current income ceilings and get more out of life. More than a thousand people have participated in her programs, taking their personal and professional lives to a new level of fulfillment.

In addition to training others how to effectively help their clients, Mandy shows coaches and trainers how to grow their own businesses in a way that is purposeful, profitable and congruent with their personal goals. Using the Priority Living and Business Systems™ Mandy has developed, coaches gain valuable knowledge and avoid years of costly mistakes. They acquire valuable tools that have been well researched and refined from years of working with business owners and professionals who want more control, more certainty, more business and ultimately more joy out of life.

In her work, Mandy targets critical areas that challenge independent professionals and business owners on a daily basis. She helps people work smarter by leveraging their resources and staying focused on what is important. The structure and support she provides create a system of accountability that sustains continual achievement.

As an international speaker with scores of television and radio show appearances to her credit, Mandy Bass is the inspirational force behind hundreds of successful professionals. She is the recipient of the South Florida Women Life Underwriters woman of the year award. She has served as president and board member for several philanthropic organizations and industry association groups. Her sales and marketing programs blend her innovative success-coaching skills with her award-winning expertise as an outstanding speaker and trainer.

Her works include "Ignite Your Secret Power - The Seven Mysteries of Achievement," “Quantum Planning for growth and Profit,” "Quick Fix: Six Dynamic Mental Exercises," "Dynamic Focus," and "How to cast a spell of Influence," “Earn a CEO’s Income Part-time in Pajamas: An inside look at success coaching, the new career phenomena, “How to Build a Successful coaching Practice: A practical, step-by-step guide for creating the business of your dreams, “Leading Your Heroes Out Of The Labyrinth: An Eclectic Coaching Guide To Archetypes And Their Mythical Journeys”

“Now I realize what limitations we put on ourselves. Thanks to Mandy we now have techniques we can use to go beyond them." Veena Deddar, CFP CLU CHFC, Toronto, Canada

“The key reward has been the rekindling of my self-confidence. This has enabled me to believe that all is possible provided there is a plan to achieve it. . . Gary Harrison, Boca Raton, FL

I have attended many business seminars, but I honestly can say that in a few short hours, I learned more than I have learned in the years! I have already used some of the methods for persuasion and selling - and they work! Thank you, Mandy. Montana Gray – Seattle, Washington

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"Before you take life coach training or enroll in one of the  life coaching courses, read and work through Mandy's materials.

Mandy 's program is inspiring and at the same time, practical. Her coaching methods and business building strategies have really worked for me. 

When I bought her program I had already taken life coach training but I was struggling to get clients and keep them. That is no longer the case. Mandy's materials helped me to reposition myself. I have developed a niche market and client retention is no longer a problem. 

I am happier in my work than I can ever  remember.  I love coaching and I am making a lot more money than I  did as a therapist. 

If I had her stuff before taking life coach training it would have helped me zero in and focus more. What I learned would have been more meaningful -more relevant- because I would have known how to apply and integrate it all. 

More importantly, I see now that I lost valuable time as far as building my business is concerned. I could have got my practice built a lot quicker if I had started with her materials. All I can say is that I am glad I have them now.     - Victoria B., Dallas, TX

“As a result of using Mandy's techniques, my revenues soared 40% in 2001 and 33% in 2002. This year (2003) is another record breaker!”
-  Michael Lynch, Plantation, FL

“As a psychotherapist with a lucrative practice for many years I realized I was unfulfilled and unhappy… I was stuck. In working with Mandy I made more progress in a few months than years of psychotherapy and training.”
-  Shelley Eisenberg, NY, NY

“Mandy’s marketing strategies have made it possible to reached my two year-client goal in just five months”
-  Jack Miller, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Being a coach is not just about money! It is about working with people you love and seeing tangible results. Mandy’s techniques help you do that…”
-  Sherry Parsons, North Carolina

"The business is actually running itself far beyond what I thought it would be at this stage...It makes me feel like I'm not working even though I'm working...All those years I was in business without Mandy were wasted."
-  Michael Teller, Delray Beach, FL

I have a diploma in marketing and have attended a lot's of marketing classes, but yours are the only strategies that have worked for me. Thank you Mandy.
-  Tor Arne, Sweden

I credit Mandy with my success.  I would never be where I am without her!
-  Karen Roberts CLU, ChFC Boca Raton, FL.

“I learned to incorporate simple and workable tools into my daily routine …. I specifically developed the ability to organize and focus which has made my work day easier and my year more productive.”
-  Stevie Naids, North Carolina

“Now I realize what limitations we put on ourselves. Thanks to Mandy we now have techniques we can use to go beyond them."
-  Veena Deddar, CFP CLU CHFC, Toronto, Canada

“The key reward has been the rekindling of my self-confidence. This has enabled me to believe that all is possible provided there is a plan to achieve it. . .”
-  Gary Harrison, Boca Raton, FL

"Mandy was the best business decision we made all year."                - Sharon Curtis CSA, Miami FL

I have attended many business seminars, but I honestly can say that in a few short hours, I learned more than I have learned in the years! I have already used some of the methods for persuasion and selling - and they work! Thank you, Mandy.
-  Montana Gray – Seattle, Washington

Over the years I have attended many seminars hosted by famous motivational leaders. I have spent a small fortune on all sorts of books and tapes and NONE have given me what you have…I really wanted to feel whole, confident, balanced, happy.  You taught me the basic skills necessary to finally achieve what I wanted for myself.
- Kathy Poulin, Pompano Beach, Fl

Now I have clarity as far as what’s important to me, and I am able to focus in on that. ..Thanks to Mandy's techniques I have accomplished both my  personal and business goals -- not just one at the expense of the other.
- Larry Epstein, Deerfield Beach, Fl

I’ve noticed that I am more organized than I have ever been in my life. I seem to have so much extra time that I didn’t have before through the organizational process that she (Mandy) teaches.
- Marilyn Blosser, Miami, FL

I have a measure of internal calm and peacefulness I did not have before working with Mandy.  …a good coach can take a good person/professional/friend and make them even better.  Mandy helps keep my eye on what I really want out of life, and has excellent ideas as to how to get there… I continue to hire Mandy because she has the wisdom to see beyond the surface of a situation, and the strength to push me forward when I won't go on my own
- Ellen Siegel, Miami FL

“I would absolutely recommend Mandy to my associates.  She contributes 110%”
- Kathi Mosier , Coral Springs, FL

Mandy I thought I was buying some useful material. What I had not bargained for was your personal caring and advice to get me started. You are fabulous! Thank you!
- Pete Jensen, AZ

I just wanted to thank you for your program. I learned  a lot of neat and useful ideas.  After learning your organizational methods I headed to  Office Depot & I set my staff up on your Effective Workflow System. I used your flow chart to explain about the paper on their desks.  We've been using it for about a week and we can already see the difference. I made up a few more folders for my husband Andy and a close friend of mine that is always running around putting out fires.  I'm not sure if they will use it exactly, but if they do, it should help them too.
- Toni Espey, Plantation FL

Mandy’s guidance has provided a tremendous amount of focus for me…. I am not stressed out even though I am starting a new coaching business
- Lana Evans, Washington D.C

I have not stopped talking about my new focus and direction since I began using your  strategies for self management. They are great  and I am so happy that I took time out to learn them.
- Joseph Panico, Weston, FL

When I first became a life coach, I struggled to get clients. The other coaching courses I took were good but didn't really help me build my practice.  Using Mandy's techniques I have learned to position myself to attract clients to me, instead of me always chasing them. Another big thing Mandy has taught me is how to turn interested prospects into paying clients. I do free initial consultations and before learning Mandy's methods I was lucky to close two  out of ten. Now it is around 90%. 
- Barbara Birdman, Denver , CO

After reading Mandy's book, "Earn a CEO's income part-time in Pajamas," I realized that what I really needed to do was to make my existing  business work, and that coaching was not right for me. So I took the rest of the materials and applied them to my existing home based business. Wow! What a difference! Sales are booming... I only wish I had bought the package sooner.
- Denise Jonston, New York State

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